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Dr. Tedd Roberts is a neuroscientist, writer, blogger, advisor to SF writers, photographer and videographer.  This site combines his TR Productions photo/video showcase with the Teddy’s Rat Lab blog and forum.

TeddRoberts.Com hosts videos and pictures, with links to science blog at “The Lab Rats’ Guide to the Brain.

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2014 SF/F Convention Schedule:


April 25-27, Guest, RavenCon, Richmond, VA.  

June 27-29, Guest, LibertyCon, Chattanooga, TN.

July 11-13 Guest,  ConGregate, Winston-Salem, NC.  

August 29-September 1, Attending Pro, Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA.


2015 Science GUEST OF HONOR at LibertyCon,

June 26-28, 2015

New! FREE! Science Articles by Dr. Tedd Roberts at Baen Books:




Putting the Science in Science Fiction - Dr. Tedd’s introduction to the relationship between speculative fiction and science - science inspiring SF, SF inspiring science, and the scientists who write SF.


Why Science is Never Settled - A two-part series on the scientific method, science controversies and “consensus” through history, interpreting statistics and the art of peer review.  Part 1.  Part 2.


Even Fantasy Needs Science - Is magic really just sufficiently advanced technology?  A look at the similarities and differences between Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Coming as an eBook in Fall 2014: New fiction - “On A Starry Night”



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