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Dr. Tedd Roberts puts the Science in Science Fiction!  As a neuroscientist & writer, he advises SF authors, TV writers and game developers.  This site combines TR Productions photo/video showcase with links to Dr. Tedd’s writing.

The Lab Rats’ Guide to the Brain.


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2016 SF/F Convention Schedule at a glance:

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February 26-27, Guest, Mysticon, Roanoke, VA

February 28-March 2, Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop,

Chattanooga, TN

April 29-May 1, Guest, RavenCon, Richmond, VA.  

July 8-10,  Guest, LibertyCon, Chattanooga, TN.

July 15-17, Guest,  ConGregate, High Point, NC.  

September 2-5, Attending Pro, Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA.

Free Science Articles at Baen Books:


Putting the Science in Science Fiction - Dr. Tedd’s introduction to science inspirations in SF, SF inspiring science, and scientists who write SF.


Why Science is Never Settled - The scientific method, science controversies and “consensus” through history.  Part 1.  Part 2.


Best Related Work


Are We Really Just Wired Differently? - Is human memory, personality and talent really just a matter of wiring?

PODCAST Interview (Part 1)  

(Part 2)


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Black Tide Rising is now out, and Dr. Tedd has a novelette in the anthology!

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