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Who is Robert E. Hampson/Tedd Roberts?

Scientist, Writer, Photographer, Videographer, Musician, Blogger, SF Fan

Dr. Robert E. Hampson, Ph.D.  is the “Speaker to Lab Animals” and has written under both his own name, and the pen name of Tedd Roberts.  His SF and Science activities teach fans and writers alike about the science behind hard-science fiction.  As an advisor to more than a dozen SF/F writers, game developers and TV writers, he has assisted in the (fictional) creation of future medicine, brain computer interfaces, unusual diseases and alien intelligence.  His acknowledged consults include novel brain diseases (and the medical nanites to cure them), exotic toxins, and brain effects of a zombie virus.   At SF/F conventions his topics of interest range from the mysteries of the brain to surviving the Apocalypse, from prosthetics to TV & movie diseases, and from fictional depiction of real science to living in space.  Contact him ( for more information on consulting activities.

Dr. Hampson’s full Bio HERE.  Past Science Outreach presentations are here, laboratory website is here.     

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2018 Convention Schedule

April 20-22, Guest, RavenCon , Williamsburg, VA

[Canceled for family reasons]

June 1-3, Guest, ConCarolinas, Charlotte, NC

June 29-July 1,  Guest, LibertyCon, Chattanooga, TN.

July 13-15, Guest,  ConGregate, High Point, NC.  

August 30-September 3, Guest, DragonCon, Atlanta, GA.

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