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Putting the Science in Science Fiction - Dr. Tedd’s introduction to the relationship between speculative fiction and science - including scientists who write SF!

The Neuroscience of Darkships - A look behind the scenes at the science in Sarah A. Hoyt’s 2013 hit novel Darkship Renegades.

On the Road to the BrainShips - With the relaunch of Anne McCaffrey’s The Ship Who Searched, a look at the current science of interfacing brain and machine.

A Terrible Thing to Lose - Zombie Science in John Ringo’s Under a Graveyard Sky - Why are Zombies so popular?  Could it really happen?  

From “Smart Flesh” to Custom Organs - The “growing” science of tissue engineering is in the news every day.

Why Science is Never Settled - The scientific method, art of peer review, science controversies and “consensus” through history.  Part 1.  Part 2.

Even Fantasy Needs Science - Is magic really just sufficiently advanced technology?  Similarities and differences between Science Fiction and Fantasy.

A Translunar Laboratory … Hurrah! - Why we need to build a space

laboratory, what it needs to do, where it needs to be located.  

Remember to Remind Me! - 100 years since the “discovery” of Alzheimer’s Disease - how has the science and understanding of human memory changed?  

Will Hollywood ever get it Right?  - A look at science in the movies.  Who gets is wrong (and why)?  Who gets it right?

Are We Really Just Wired Differently? - Is human memory, personality and talent really just a matter of wiring?

Homo Stellaris - Becoming the People of the Stars - What will it take for humans to adapt themselves and their environments to Interstellar travel and exploration?

Baen Free Radio Hour Podcast Appearances:

A Translunar Laboratory … Hurrah!  - PODCAST Interview (Part 1)  (Part 2)

Science, Science Fiction & Religion (with Les Johnson, David Weber, Eric Flint and Robert Hampson- PODCAST Interview

Are We Really Just Wired Differently? -  PODCAST Interview (Part 1)  (Part 2)

Homo Stellaris - PODCAST Interview

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