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Terms and Conditions:

There are no terms, but there are many conditions...

Videos posted and linked here are filmed, edited and produced by Robert E. Hampson, dba Tedd Roberts, dba Brain & Brain Press.  The production copyright and right to distribute and publish the videos belongs to Tedd Roberts and TR Productions.  The content copyright reverts to the authors and artists depicted herein.  If you want to redistribute the videos, you can do so, as long as they are unedited and continue to contain the artist and production credits embedded in the video.  

This is “fan video” from public events with no attendance fees and you are welcome to download and store local copies of the videos as long as they remain free of charge and properly attributed to TR Productions.  However, because of author/artist intellectual property, it’s a good idea to check with the authors/artists before redistributing these videos.    

All photography on this site is the sole property of Brain & Brain Press.  The photos may not be copied or redistributed without permission.  Period.  They will probably end up in Google Images and be shared all over the net.  That is not “okay” but it is inevitable.  Be aware that if you copy my intellectual property, you essentially grant me permission to copy yours...

On that note, the content of the “Teddy’s Rat Lab” blog is copyright 2018, Brain&Brain Press.  The opinions expressed in the blog are exclusively those of Robert E. Hampson / Tedd Roberts.  The content is mine, and I provide attribution of for any external content, including illustrations.  I have attempted to use public domain images wherever possible, provide intellectual property/copyright citations where necessary and have also obtained license for Shutterstock images and will cite them as appropriate.  All of these terms consist appropriate licensed/public use.  Contents of the Blog Comments and Discussion Forum are also the property of this site and Brain & Brain Press - so if you don’t want me to repeat them or use them in my blogs or publicity, don’t post them here.   The blog can and will be shared in public internet forums by automated software.

If you think I have appropriated your IP, just ask, and we’ll discuss it.  If you want to get belligerant over scientific content, you’d better be prepared to demonstrate that it was (A) copyrighted by you, (B) existed before I entered the field as a professional in 1982, and (C) does not exist in the scientific literature indexed by Medline, PubMed, BIOSYS or other public  indexing service.  

While Brain & Brain Press asserts no responsibility for content of blog comments and discussion forum posted by third parties, all such content is subject to review and deletion by the webmaster and/or designated moderator(s).  Abusive language will not be tolerated; discussion of illegal activity will not be tolerated; discussion of confidential/protected information will be subject to removal. If in doubt about permissible content, ask first.