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TR Videos and Links

 “MadMike” Williamson Videos:

LibertyCon 2010: Killing the Undead

Dragon*Con 2011: Global Insurgency Panel

Dragon*Con 2011: The Wit and Wisdom of MadMike

John Ringo Videos:

LibertyCon 2008: The Making of Ghost: the Movie

Dragon*Con 2008: The Making of Ghost: the Movie

Featured Below: RavenCon 2011: The John and Kelly Show

Knollwood Baptist Church Videos:

Visit the KBC Page for more! Note: Password Protected for copyright reasons.

 Gray Rinehart Songs:

Stellar*Con 2011: Tribute: The Monster Hunter Ballad

Dragon*Con 2011: Playing Politics

Dragon*Con 2011: Having Failed to be Raptured… (I Wrote this Stupid Song)

 Larry Correia Videos:

StellarCon 2011: Reading: Monster Hunter Alpha

StellarCon 2011: Reading: Hard Magic

Dragon*Con 2011: Monster Hunter Flash Mob

 Sarah A. Hoyt Videos:

WorldCon 2011: Prometheus Award Acceptance Speech

Also: VodkaPundit Interviews Sarah Hoyt

Sarah can also be heard contributing from the audience in:

LibertyCon 2010: Killing the Undead.